Fenix BC30R Rechargeable Mountain Bike Light

The Fenix BC30R is the perfect bike light for those looking for a might contender for use on trails, as cyclocross or even road bikers that don’t mind the added weight for the power gains! The BC30R features an OLED display on top of the unit that gives you handy information such as brightness levels and remaining battery time.  It also provides you with Four brightness levels from 100 to 800 lumens plus 1600 lumen ‘Burst Mode’ activated by a handlebar mounted the remote switch. If you’re looking for a bike light to light up the trails or simply provide sunlight wherever you go the Fenix BC30R is the one for you. If you’re not looking for rechargeable then maybe the Fenix BC30 Is more for you.


Brightness Levels:
Eco – 100 lumens (20 hrs 20 min)
Low – 200 lumens (11 hrs 50 min)
Mid – 500 lumens (4 hrs 30 min)
High – 800 lumens (2 hrs 35 mins )
Burst -1600 lumens
Flashing – 200 lumens

Beam distance of up to 155 meters, waterproof to IPX-6 & impact resistant to drops from 1 meter.


  • Press and hold the image icon for 0.8 seconds to turn the light on and off.
  • When on, double press the image icon to enter Flashing mode.
  • When on, press the ‘+’ button to enter a higher level and ‘-‘ to enter a lower level.

Includes: USB charging lead, handlebar mount & shims & control cable.


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Brand: Fenix

Model: BC30R Bike Light

Batteries: Built in rechargeable battery

Additional Battery Type: N/A

Lamp Type: 2 x Cree XM-L2 T6 Neutral White LED

Output/Runtime: Burst: 1600 lumens, High: 800 lumens (2h 35 min), Mid: 500 lumens (4h 30 min), Low: 200 lumens (11 h 50min), Eco: 100 lumens (20h 20min), Flashing: 200

Strobe/SOS: Flash

Reflector: Aspherical reflector with a wide beam angle

Len Type: Anti-glare lens design produces safe dual-distance beam illumination

Switch Type: Push button on / off / switch, brightness up / down switches plus remote burst switch

Construction: Made from aluminium alloy with excellent heat - dissipation design

Finish: Type 111 HA

Tail Stand: No

Pocket Clip: No

Waterproofing: IPX-6, weatherproof

Dimensions: 114mm (Length) x 50.6mm (Width) x 43.5mm (Height)

Weight: 221g

Further Info: n/a

Power Levels: 4 plus burst and flashing mode