Fenix T5Ti Halberd Tactical Pen

The Fenix T5Ti is an elegant tactical pen that is very beneficial for writing, attacking and self-defence. The pen frame, made of TC4 titanium alloy and perfected in CNC machining, is very lightweight but can also guarantee exceptional toughness. A tungsten steel hard alloy strike bezel and Germany Schmidt P950M pressurized refill make the Fenix T5Ti Tactical Pen the solid choice in writing, tactical defence and emergency escape under harsh and extreme environments. It will really complete your EDC set!

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Space Grey, Storm Blue


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Exquisite craftmanship

Useful for writing, attacking or self-defence

Pen body material

TC4 titanium alloy

Lightweight and ensures excellent toughness

Corrosion resistant

Rockwell hardness: 89~92.5HRA

Tungsten steel hard alloy strike bezel

Applicable temperature: -35ºC to 120ºC

German Schmidt P950M pressurized refill

1 - Fenix T5Ti Tactical Pen
1 - Cloth bag
3 - Spare O-rings