Fenix E05

A keychain light with high lumen output? The Fenix E05 is your answer! With a max output of 85 Lumens. Never worry about not being able to see in the dark, or searching for a lost item, the Fenix E05 will help you find it. This compact light is only 2 inches long and easy to use, no switches or buttons, just an easy turn of the head will activate the phenomenal Fenix Flashlight. Choose your own colour, the Fenix E05 comes in various colours including black, blue, and purple. This light will last a lifetime, made from durable aircraft aluminium. Easy to carry and easy to use what else could you look for in a keychain light.
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Tougher Than You Might Think

Fenix built the E05 from the same aircraft-grade machine aluminum as its full-sized tactical flashlights. Despite its small size the engineers who built this light wanted to ensure it could withstand the same punishment as the rest of Fenix’s legendary flashlight. That’s why this compact device is water resistant to IPX-8 standards, anodized for scratch and corrosion resistance, and machined with ergonomic grips.


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