Fenix FD65 Focusing LED Torch

The Fenix FD65 focusable LED Torch is equipped with three Cree XHP35 HI neutral white LEDs. It also introduces an efficient TIR optical lens that releases a max output of 3800 lumens and has a beam span of 1,345 feet/410 meters. Twisting the focusing ring on the Fenix FD65 moves the head forward and backwards succeeding in changing between the spot- and floodlight. Easy two button operation – click the “H” switch to High output and enhance the illumination and then click the “L” switch to initiate the Low output and lower the brightness. It is usually powered by four 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries. You are able to use just two 18650 batteries in case of emergency. With an IP68 rated shield, momentary on strobe and SOS function, the Fenix FD65 is the complete torch for going caving, outdoor photography, searching and rescuing.

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We look forward to every new Fenix Torch but the new Fenix FD65 focusing flashlight really ups the bar, presenting blistering performance within small dimensions from its 3 x Cree XHP-35 HI Neutral – White LED and TIR optical lenses. Maximum output is an impressive 3800 lumens with a choice of 5 illumination environments plus Strobe and SOS. This power can be focused on a 90 degree 86 meter flood to a 10 degree, 410meter spot enabling FD65 to light a wide area or reach efficiently into the horizon.

The Fenix FD65 emphasizes Fenix Torches unique mechanical rotating ring focusing which sustains an IP68 watertight rating to 2 meters depth, proofing the torch for use in the most severe outdoor conditions. Power is supplied by 4 x 18650 Li-ion batteries. The torch can also be powered by 2 x 18650 batteries in an emergency, though Strobe and Turbo modes should be circumvented in this configuration due to high current draw which may trip the battery protection circuits.


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Three Cree XHP35 HI neutral white LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours
3800 lumens maximum output
5 modes plus strobe and SOS

3800 lumens (3 hours)
Spotlight: 1,345 feet/410 meters
Floodlight: 282.2 feet/86 meters

1200 lumens (5 hours)
Spotlight: 754.6 feet/230 meters
Floodlight: 160.8 feet/49 meters

400 lumens (19 hours 40 minutes)
Spotlight: 429.8 feet/131 meters
Floodlight: 95 feet/29 meters

150 lumens (40 hours 50 minutes)
Spotlight: 278.9 feet/85 meters
Floodlight: 62.3 feet/19 meters

50 lumens (86 hours)
Spotlight: 170.6 feet/52 meters
Floodlight: 36.1 feet/11 meters

3800 lumens

150 lumens

Powered by four 18650 batteries (2 for emergencies)

Momentary on SOS and Strobe

Dual side switches for separate upward and downward output selection

High efficient TIR optical focusing lens

Fitted with 1/4" threaded interface (standard tripod socket)

Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness

Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion

Intelligent overheat protection protects from high surface temperature

Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum

Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

IP68 rated protection