LED Lenser M7 Torch

The LED Lenser M7 microcontroller switch system utilizes a microprocessor to manage the illumination of the LED. By applying a single switch, the user interface has been created to be simple, user-friendly, and forever allows the user to initiate the light in the highest brightness mode.

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The LED Lenser M7 blends comfort and dynamic. It is furnished with light intelligence controlled by programmable microcontrollers. These microcontrollers are the M in the name of the torch, and they are the core piece of Smart Light Technology (SLT). Smart Light Technology is a computerized light control method that provides individual light programs (Professional, Easy, Defence) and various light functions (Low Power/Power/SOS/Defence Strobe/Dim/Morse Tactical Task/Blink/Position). The M7 also emphasizes stageless dimming. The choice of functions is intuitive and carried out by utilizing only one push button. SLT not only manages the light programs, but also the manner of discharge of the lamp. There’s a choice between steadily decreasing or constant current drain and brightness. And for the first time, the continuously adjustable Advanced Focus System can be secured – thanks to the new Fast Lock mechanism.


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- High end power LED

- Speed focus & advanced focus system

- Smart light technology (smart LED protection)

- 2 energy modes (energy saving/constant current)

- 3 light programs (professional/easy/defence strobe)

- 8 light functions (low power/power/SOS/defence strobe/dim/morse tactical task/blink/position)

- Lamp head with reflector lens (for stageless transition from spot to flood beam)

- High end heat sink technology

- Low battery message system (constantly checks the battery charge condition & informs you in due time when a change is needed)

- Matte black finish

- High grade aluminium end cap (splash proof)

- High grade aluminium body (splash proof)

- Hard gold plated electrical contacts (corrosion resistant)

- Ballistic nylon sheath (black)

- Carabiner attachment (included)

- Lanyard attachment (included)

- Knurled grip

- Lanyard hole

- Red Dot design award winner

- LED: high end power LED
- Lumens: 400
- Beam distance: 280m
- Burn time: 35h

- Focus: advanced system with speed focus (spot/flood)

- On/Off: barrel end switch (8 modes)

- Energy tank: 7.2Wh

- Power supply: 4 x AAA batteries (included)

- Length: 132mm | 13.2cm
- Head diameter: 37mm | 3.7cm
- Weight: 6.70oz | 190g