LED Lenser M7R Rechargeable Torch

When it comes to performance, characteristics and functionality there is barely anything equal. The focus quality, the illuminating strength and the optimised user ergonomics of the M7R have yet to meet their match. All the advantages of the M7 were connected to the comfortable Floating Charge System – one of the most superior charging systems of our time. The operational time has almost multiplied and the intelligent lighting control of the Smart Light Technology predestines this torch for use in professional, every-day situations.

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The LED Lenser M7R is a rechargeable multi-function LED flashlight that has up to ten output choices and an intelligent, environmentally kind recharge capacity.

Utilizing the patented Advanced Focus System it projects universally harmonious light from flood to spot, which you can quickly switch among using the single-handed Speed Focus.

Complete Smart Light Technology offers the user two energy modes, to regulate power usage, and eight light options as follows: power, low power, blink, boost, dim,  defence strobe, morse and SOS, ranging across three pre-set light programmes.

The M7R flaunts an awesome new-generation Cree LED which shines up to 280 metres at a peak of 400 lumens in boost mode.

The rechargeable characteristics of this torch eliminate the need for disposable batteries and therefore helps make it that little bit more sustainable and easier on the planet. Using a single rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the ‘Floating Charge System’ conveniently enables the battery to be charged without removing it from the housing.


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