LED Lenser MH10 Outdoor LED Headlamp

LED Lenser MH10

  • Max. Light Output: 600lm
  • Max. Burning Time: 120 h
  • Max. Beam Distance: 150 m

The brand new LED Lenser MH10 is the must-have LED Headlamp for all outdoor adventurers, featuring a pulsing red taillight to keep you safe when you’re out in the darkness and a massive 600 lumens lightening up your trails your in good hands. The MH10 is also LED Lenser lightest headlamp for this kind of lumen output weighing in under 160 grams! The MH10 also features the most unto date technology with USB 3.0 for quick charging, meaning less time stood by the wall socket and more time exploring the darkness.


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Max Lumen: 600 lumen

Other Lumen: High: 600 lumens (5h) Mid: 250 lumens (9h), Low: 10 lumens (96h)

Beam Distance: H: 150m M: 100m L: 20m

Bulb Type: 1x Xtreme LED

Weight: 158g (Including battery)

Battery Type: Li-ion Battery 18650, 3.7V

Waterproof: IPX4

Charge Time: 6h

Advanced Focus System
Smart Light Technology
Rapid Focus
Temperature Control (Working temperature: -20c - +40c)
Speed Charging (80% after 180 min, 100% after 360 min)