LED Lenser MT18 Outdoor Series LED Torch

LED Lenser MT18

  • Max. Light Output: 3000lm
  • Max. Burning Time: 96 h
  • Max. Beam Distance: 540 m

The MT18 is everything you could want and need from a flashlight. At a massive 3000 Lumens, it will light your way anywhere you are. It’s environmentally friendly and pleasant to use – the most advanced battery technology for the shortest charging time with USB 3.0 in any circumstance. In case of distress, it can be left free standing thanks to the front positioned switch. It has a smooth dim function for quick and easy brightness adaption and a transport lock that will ensure your torch won’t inadvertently switch on in your luggage. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller be sure to check out the LED Lenser MT14 here


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