LED Lenser P7QC Quattro Colour LED Torch

The long-anticipated LED Lenser® P7QC Quad Colour hand-held LED flashlight has now arrived. The new LED Lenser P7QC is the ideal lamp for all kinds of professional uses. It has four separate coloured light yields, which are white, red, green and blue. The modes can quickly be switched by simply twisting the rotary type selector switch near the head of the torch. The colour can be changed whilst the torch is already on and the prism diffuser produces optimised light distribution in all of the output modes.

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Switching light colours is as easy as 1-2-3-4 with LED Lenser’s smart P7QC hand torch. It allows instant White, Red, Green or Blue light from a single multicoloured CREE power LED light chip at the turn of a switch.

Never before has it been so fast to switch from one colour to another – there are no filters, no gels, no mini LED’s, just one big, bright coloured light the instant you need it. There’s even a colour coded guide on the barrel to help you make the right choice – all in just a fraction of a second.

Choose White for bright, general illumination; Red to protect night vision; Green for investigating at night without disturbing wildlife; or Blue for forensics, police work and fog.


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- High end power LED (multi colour/RGBW)

- Rotary switch for light colour selection

- Speed focus & advanced focus system

- Prism diffuser for best light focus

- 3 light functions (power/low power/blink)

- Battery cartridge system

- Matte black finish

- High grade aluminium end cap (splash proof)

- High grade aluminium body (splash proof)

- Hard gold plated electrical contacts (corrosion resistant)

- Ballistic nylon sheath (black)

- Carabiner attachment (included)

- Lanyard attachment (included)

- Knurled grip

- Keyring

- Lanyard hole

- LED: high end power LED (multi colour/RGBW)

- Light outputs -

- White: for everyday/general purpose use

- Red: for maintaining night vision (ideal for astronomy, fishing, hunting, law enforcement, military, police & tactical)

- Green: for map reading & wildlife watching (wildlife cannot detect this frequency)

- Blue: for liquid/blood tracking

- Operating modes: power (220 lumens)/low (40 lumens)

- Beam range: power (60m)/low (20m)

- Burn time: power (3h)/low (25h)

- Max lumens: 220

- Max beam distance: 60m

- Max burn time: 25h

- IPX rating: 7

- On/Off: barrel end switch (3 modes)

- Energy tank: 7.2Wh

- Power supply: 4 x AAA batteries (included)