Unilite PS-H2 LED Micro Head Torch

The Unilite PS-H2 is a robust and secure head torch which has a 135 Lumen output from its LG LED. It has a solid light beam which is additionally supported by its magnifying collimator lens, allowing the beam to reach ranges of up to 154 meters. The headlight is turned on via an easy press micro switch, which also allows it to turn on its emergency flash function as well. In terms of the unit’s position, its silicone lined headbands comfortably sit around the aperture of the user’s head, which is also helped by the unit’s top headband continuing stability.


Cree LED HeadlightUnilitePS-H2

The PS-H2 is robust and rugged using its collimator lens to work in unison with its LG LED chip. IPX4 & fully weatherproof the PS-H2 is the trusted performer in the Prosafe range. If performance, power & portability is required then look no further.


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Brand Prosafe
Battery 1 x AA
Lumens 135
Beam Distance 154m
Run Time 7-24 hrs
IP Rating IPX4
Weight 80g
Height 50 mm
Width 62 mm