Unilite ATEX-PL1 65 Lumen LED Torch

The ATEX-PL1 Zone 0 penlight is robust and compact. The penlight is perfect for use within all hazardous conditions including chemical & gas.  It comes complete with a safety release valve to discharge hazardous gases and is chemical and corrosion resistant. It’s lighting power comes from a 65 Lumen CREE LED. This produces a solid beam and is controlled by a simple press of the switch. The unit can be held using the rubberized housing giving extra grip.


Protected for all emergency situations

The ATEX-PL1 is robust and rugged. IP67 entirely weatherproof for all conditions. 1m submersible means the penlight is forever ready to perform. If performance, power & portability is a must then look no further, as the ATEX-PL1 offers assurance in all environments


1m Submersible The penlight is IP67 waterproof to 1m, making it super robust for all situations.

Added safety The torch is impact proof to 1m with a safety locking system.

Gas valve Gas valve to release any pressure or gas build up inside the torch.













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Additional information

Brand Prosafe
Battery 2 x AAA
Lumens 65
Beam Distance 30m
Run Time 18 hrs
Weight 41g
Height 142 mm
Width 30 mm