Unilite Prosafe PS-FL5 LED Torch

The PS-FL5 is an industrial LED torch with robust characteristics. It is constructed with an industrial strength nylon-glass body and a die cast aluminium head, giving it the capacity to withstand knocks and bumps quite easily. This sturdiness extends to the fact it is 1m submersible and has an IP67 rating. It has a Luxeon White LED which operates at 300 Lumen output, giving the beam a range of 170 m. The unit has a 2 stage dimming and defence strobe which is operated from its electronic tactical switch alongside a rubberized body giving it extra grip.


Tactical for all emergency situations

The PS-FL5 is robust and sturdy. IP67 fully weatherproof for all conditions and 1m submersible means the PS-FL5 is always at your side ready to perform. If performance, power & portability is needed then look no further, as the PS-FL5 offers perfect levels of performance



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Brand Prosafe
Battery 4 x AAA
LED Luxeon
Lumens 300
Beam Distance 170m
Run Time 2 hrs 30 mins
IP Rating IP67
Weight 166g
Height 165 mm
Width 35 mm